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I am a Sunni girl and I want marry a dawoodi bohra. Is that allowed? If so, how do I raise my kids. Can I keep my beliefs and still marry the man?

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Is he a Muslim ? If he is not a Muslim, you are not allowed to marry him.

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Why does it matter whether he's from a different tribe, if he's a Muslim, he should believe as you believe, the rest is just cultural and that will make marriage beautiful for you both to learn compromise and raise a child that knows not only about our true faith but about both cultures of his parents. ALLAAH(swt) nor the Prophet(saws) ever mentioned separating ourselves from other based on race, tribe, culture or anything just that we be with Muslims, marry Muslims, and help and respect all people, of course our brothers and sisters we should help first if they need it.

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Dear sister Salaam, Dawoodi Bohra people have so many belief which is not from mainstream ahle sunnah wal jamaat belief and therefore it is not good. They arose from shia sect and therefore it is highly recommended that you should not marry them... It is better to pray to Allah and InshaAllah by the grace of Allah you will get a good sunni boy.... Check out the following answer on this issue.....

May Allah help you... Ameen.....

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