why am i feeling that someone is trying to force me to do something against my will

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yes I know what you meen I have to submit to my husband and it is all part of what he likes

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What do you mean? Like you're being forced to be a Muslim or forced to pray or forced to worship...I believe that's just the shaytaan....remember he's the envier so he's mad. He felt forced to bow down to Adam and so when he knows we're worshipping ALLAAH(swt) and having the chance at Paradise that he'll never have, he wants us to feel forced and pressured instead of enjoying what ALLAAH(swt) has allowed us and promised us if we do as HE would have us do. It's really a mind trick, you feel pressured and ungrateful, just like he was in heaven so that you lose out without even knowing it. Make du'a, pray more, and know that your enemy is the shaytaan not ALLAAH(swt) or Islam. I go through it all the time and it's hard and it hurts, but in time things will get better and ask for mercy and coverage in ALLAAH(swt) from the shaytaan so that those feelings don't reach and attach to your heart May ALLAAH(swt) bless you with courage and faith...by ALLAAH(swt) repel the enemy, by ALLAH(swt)attack the enemy and by ALLAAH(swt) battle the enemy everyday (that's from the Prophet (saws)though not direct quotes:)

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