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Hi im a 20 years old girl raised up in a country with not much information about islam although i have always been a i did not know that having a boyfreind and talking with him, having sex chats and such stuffs is haram. Now that i know much more about my deen and alhamdullilah im grateful. My parents dont allow me to marry my boyfriend and i dont want to have haram relationship wit him so i told him that i must leave him but he said that he will kill himself if i leave him and im 100% sure that he will commit suicide if i leave him. Please help me what should i do?

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leave it, and start new search for another.

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Im afraid that if he does anything bad toward himself the sin will be on me and allah will punish me, besides that his family will never forget me

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If you're capable, try to stop him (in a good way).

If it doesn't work, just recite dua. Ask Allah for help, to change him. Perform salat hajat (prayer of need). InsyaAllah, he will change. Only Allah is capable.

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Would you be interested in marrying him when it's time for marriage ? If yes then I think you should go talk to him and say that if he does commit suicide he will never get the chance to be with you. Tell him if he just waits then Insha Allah you can be with him. But honestly if he would threaten to do something like this he doesn't truly care about you. Him doing this would destroy you and he knows that. Maybe call his parents and inform them , or a doctor so that he was someone watching him to make sure he doesn't harm himself. I'm sorry you're in this situation :( ill defiantly be praying for you.

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I guess that there is not many who really knows what kind of society im living in now ,a place where all is against love marriage but thanks alot my dears, your prayers is what i really need.May allah help us all

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Assalamu alaikkum to you all especially Diyana (sister)

allah subhanahut'ala says in al-quran,

/// And do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. And a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist, even though she might please you. And do not marry polytheistic men [to your women] until they believe. And a believing slave is better than a polytheist, even though he might please you. Those invite [you] to the Fire, but Allah invites to Paradise and to forgiveness, by His permission. And He makes clear His verses to the people that perhaps they may remember. (2:221)///

so, if your friend is belongs to any other religion you must not to marriage him even he used Suicide intimidation. but you have a chance to suggest islam to his life. so you can marry him as a muslim. thats all. allah ahlam.

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Salam alikum dear brother Hasanul Aribin.Thanks for your comment and alhamdulillah he is a muslim but his feelings for me are very strong.But i will try my best to do what is the best for both of us.Thanks jazak allah khaair

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Al-quran (9:71,72)

The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Those - Allah will have mercy upon them. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. (71) Allah has promised the believing men and believing women gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally, and pleasant dwellings in gardens of perpetual residence; but approval from Allah is greater. It is that which is the great attainment. (72)

(Jan 07 at 00:15) Hasanul Aribin Ibn Abdul Kader Hasanul%20Aribin%20Ibn%20Abdul%20Kader's gravatar image
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