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Assalamoalykum, i have been having a hard time concentrating on my salat. I finish one prayer then a few minutes later i feel that i forgot perhaps to read some part in my salah and therefore it will not be accepted. I do remeber to make the prostration of forgetfullness at the end of each salah and still the doubt stays. Is it permissable for me to re read the same salah twice or should i ignore the doubt.

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Yes, you can re do your salah everyone makes mistakes in prayer including me.just re do Them.just remember u don't have to redo your salah if u make a mistake on a Sunnah like forgetting to recite a surah at the end Of the fateha(do prostration of forgetfulness).but if u forget your fateha u must redo it because that is a obligatory action of prayer

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