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Assalam walaikum, Hi Bro/Sis see i have fallen in a great shirk i did lots of habit these started long time ago but it exaggerated in 2013 which is last year according to christian calendar, i did lots of habits! just like other teens i do watch porno but i started controlling not to watch porno and masturbate i use to masturbate every once in two days then i brought it to once in a week, so this what now i'm going to tell is happened in Q2 of 2013, whenever i watch porno my head whispers "dont watch or pay something to watch it so you don't get punished" my answered would be give me 100 lashes and when i again watch after sometime or after somedays the numbers grew more!. My habits weren't stopping it was just increasing day by day i know it was shaitan who whispered in my head even though i failed to realize and continued listening to him then one day i was in school and remembered that i spoke bad about my friend long time ago and i need to pay him with something but i said i'd give him 5 good deeds of mine to him but the second time by mistake my mouth brought up the word takdir, i guess then the shaitan whispered to me that my takdir went to him and i took his and i kept praying to allah " ya allah i give you 50 good deeds, you don't give my takdir to him, return me what you have given to him from me" and later it again whisperes " you got your takdir back but when you said give me what i have given to him you gave him yours again and took his" and i just kept praying like that on and on you know what i mean, right??? like how the shaitan teases i mean you understood the concept right?? :/ and one day when i was in my physics class i pulled my friend's chair when he was going to sit and he fell but that time i kept on repeating "give my 50 good deeds to him constantly like 2 or 3times" but again its came takd like i just stoped in "takd" then it laughed and whispered "hahahahah you passed your takdir to him and you got his" and then i again prayed like that the same "i'll give you this many deeds and blah blah blah.... but i slowly stopped everything even when writing this now it is whispering me that I've got my friends fate arghhhh.... Now my question is i heard the story of cave and how Allah helped them i heard each of the friend who ran from their village and tried to escape from their enemies went to the cave and it was blocked and each of them started mentioning their good deeds and allah opened litlle when one said his deed and the little more when another one mentioned his deeds and so on.... and allah helped them opening completely when everybody mentioned their deeds and made the cave open and was rescued by allah now my question is just because i prayed i would give 50 deeds and you do this would allah would have done that?? because he knows how my mental status was at that time!.... and i belive in him but i just want to refer from you scholars because you have higher islamic knowledge alhumdhulilah and may allah bless you and I with much more islamic knowledge than we have now :) in sha allah

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AssalamuAlaikum brother,

Thank you for your question.

You have mentioned shirk but I dont see any thing related to shirk in your question. Shirk can be worshipping someone other than Allah, or saying there are more than One God, etc etc etc. Many things can be shirk.

Also to help the users better assist you, can you please define what you mean by taqdir and giving someone your taqdir?

Kind regards (Note: Im not an Islamic scholar and just another user of this site like you.)

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