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Been married for over few months and only come close to my partner few times at the beginning of our marriage. Is it true that marriage is automatically dissolved in Islam if not have physical contact in 6months? Plz help jzk

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There is no such thing in Islam.. Marriage dissolves when: 1. Husband gives divorce, 2. Wife takes Khula 3. Either of the two dies 4. Either of the two leaves Islam 5. Due to the foster relationship established within two years of their birth and was later known after marriage.

................................ These 4/6 month thing came from following issue : Once during the caliphate of Umar Ibn Khattab (radiallaho anhu) , the army of muslim men were sent for Jihad and they used to stay away from their wives for longer period of time. So the caliph ask his daughter Hafsa (radiallaho anhu) that how long can a wife stay away from her husband and she replied 4 months. So Umar (radiallaho anhu)made it mandatory that every married man going for jihad should return back after maximum of 4 months. Based on that scholars say that husband/wife should have sex once at least in four months but if for some reason they cant then it will not affect their marriage.

Wassalaam Allah knows best

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