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Walekum Salaam: Brother , Sorry to hear your state of mind but good to see you back to the path of Islam. As far as justice is concern , remember that Allah said in the quran : "Allah is not unjust in the least of degrees [Surah Nisa] " , So InshaAllah if she has done something wrong to you then Allah will judge between you and her on the day of judgement. So , leave the matter of justice to Allah and make sure that he said " Allah is the best disposer of all affairs [Al-Quran]. As far as praying for someone else destruction is concern then it is impermissible and if you want to pray , then it is better to pray for yourself and your good and good of your family and all human across the globe. You need to forget all those things and put your trust in Allah and hope for the best , and InshaAllah allah have something better for you in store. See, after this incident you started practicing and this is what Prophet (peace be upon him) said , that "When Allah loves someone he inflict on him the trials ...." The trials are inflicted in order to either recompense the sin of the believer or to make him realise the need to return to Allah. So you are put to trial and hence you return to Allah by offering prayer regularly. Finally, I would like to leave you with the following verses of quran regarding trials : " And We will surely test you with some fear and hunger, and with paucity of wealth and lives and crops; and give glad tidings to those who patiently endure. Those who say when calamity befalls them, "Indeed we belong to Allah and indeed it is to Him we are to return." These are the people upon whom are the blessings from their Lord, and mercy; and it is they who are on guidance. [Al-Baqrah , 2:155-157]... And Allah knows best

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Allhumdullillah...same happened to me but I was not Muslim. My ex and his family are Muslims (from Jordan and brother in law from Yemen).I was just a resource, My ex was romancing the Green-card; used my money, time and deceiving me into believing he was true into the relationship leading me on until he no longer needed me ...his family knew, were accomplices and remained quiet knowing well what were his intentions, protected him instead of protecting me...why would they protect me? noo lol to them I was nothing just an object to be used and discarded. After a very deep depression, I couldn't get well with medication, I researched online on natural cures for depression, somewhere I came to where it said that listening to surah al Rahman numerous times would help, I did and it did help ease the terrible feeling inside that I had...I reverted and learned the 5 daily prayers, it helps me be patient, but the feelings come back once in a while, feeling like they have made a fool of me...i then listen to surah's like al mutaffiffin..or sometimes I pray for justice but I do not wish their destruction, I just wish they understand the damage they have done, and pray to Allah for them to far as the money is gone...they can enjoy their deed...but sometimes it still hurts, because one does not understand why people do this things to others..

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Thank you brother you're right. I should take the higher road and forget such nonsense. Thank you for clearing it up.

Asalamo Alaikum.

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