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Salam alakium

Hope this message reaches you in good health inshaAllah.

I have asked this question to sisters but its a sensitive topic for women especially.

I know that Allah s.w.t. cursed those people who plucked eyebrows and prostitues used to do that as well tattooing and file their teeth in order to beautify themselves but I know Allah had created us already beautiful in Allahs eyes inshaAllah.

What Im asking is is it permissible to pull out those stray hairs just below eyebrows (I have previously plucked my eyebrows but not to reshape them nor making them short just to make my eyebrow more tidier)

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Any stray hair which grows at those part of the face like cheeks or just above the lips or any other position where normally here does not grow can be trimmed but plucking eyebrows is not permitted because it falls in the category of "beautifying yourself for others" but abnormal hair growth can be removed because it does not fall under the abovementioned category instead it is removing abnormality. But once you get married then you can trim your eyebrows as well if your husband prefer that way because then plucking eyebrows wont fall in the category of "beautifying yourself for others" but it is beautifying yourself for your husband which is not only permissible but also mustahab [i.e.recommended].

Wassalaam And Allah knows the best

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