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My grandfather who has passed away was very close and dear to me he was known to be pious and a man of great character and ikhlaaq, after his death i had a dream in which i was sinning (i myself am a muslim along with my family and grandfather who passed away) , at that time i did not pray 5 times a day and wasn't doing any good deeds. But alhamdullah now i am better with my prayers and closer to God, in my dream as i was sinning i was interrupted by the doorbell ringing and my whole family screamed in delight as they saw my dead grandfather on our doorstep, but as i made it to the door everyone else faded away and it was just me and my granddad i embraced him sobbing and elated. In my dream he gave me advice i don't remember specific details of what he said as the dream is quite old but he told me to work hard and leave my sins so that i could meet him in heaven in the hereafter. I would like to know whether in islam the dead can contact you in your dreams? i have taken the advice nonetheless but i really want to know whether that was actually my granddad warning me to stop sinning.

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My brother he's not contacting you but since he's been gone, and for all the love you have for him, and how much you're missing him, you still feel at times that he's there by you. That dream is from Allah(SWT) People in life might had given you advices, tried to put your mind back, that there, he's gone and that there's nothing you could do about it, you'll eventually have to let go and move on, we're all going to be like this, he's not the first nor the last. You do the best in this dunya to get the best in the hereafter. Thank Allah for the dream because it was a way he spoke to you, to not stop believing in him, and that he's always there, and for you to have faith, and that this dunya is nothing compared to the hereafter. For you to strive for the hereafter, no matter throught what situations you face in life. I had a similar dream to yours but I kept on believing, I had faith, it's been 3years that my uncle had been gone and still to this day I picture and dream that he's still here. But I learned to let go and move on.

Remember this dunya is a test You don't live forever Strive for the hereafter And inshallah That's where you'll be finally happy With whom ever you wish to be with Inshallah that's where you'll find you uncle And I pray to Allah to guide us, for us all Muslims to grant us paradise Inshallah

I wish had helped you

Take care Allah be with you

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