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i recently heard that reading surah naba after asr prayer cures eyesight problems is there others islamic ways of curing eyesight does the quran or hadith say anything about this?

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Asalaam o alaikum, eyesight problems are curable, inshaAllah, even though sometimes doctors seem unable to do much. But if you have complete faith in Allah as your healer and guide, then you have many , many duas, and foods , plus Hijamah, that will help. Go to this site,

and you will find all you need on eyes. Go to the modern ailments in the side bar, then go to vision impairments section. It will tell you what to do. Food is essential in our lives, and is part of the Prophetic medicine. As is Hijamah. You will find this very beneficial.

InshaAllah this will help, Allah knows best.

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