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I am 17 yrs muslim boy. I don't have the ability to earn money. I came to know that my father worked in a garment factory and I highly suspect that he stole clothes from there. Most of my clothes are from my father's garment factories and I highly suspect that he stole them. When my father is asked about this he gets angry and refuses to say the truth. I have very few clothes besides these and I have been praying wearing these clothes for years. Are those salats void? What should I do now?

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Assalamualkum your prayers are accepted, just remember to cover your awra which is obligatory covering from bellybutton to knees. Just pray for your father and ask Allah for forgivness. And please pray for me :). I honestly don't think it voids the prayers you've done. You should continue praying and make sure your awra is covered no matter what

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@Abdul Wahid jazakAllah. May Allah grant you jannatul firdous. Wa 'alaikumus salam.

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Yes you are. I believe the Satan is upto his dirty tricks again, trying to make prayer difficult for you with these excuses and make you think your prayer is not accepted.

Nice try devil. But your plans are EXPOSED here.

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