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Is it necessary to bath when so little sperm comes out while we are sleeping?

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No, if u performed your ghusl u don't have to do it again if a little sperm comes out

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I mean while i wake up at night....without guhsl can i perfome fajr?

(Jan 08 at 12:04) Yahya_kazi Yahya_kazi's gravatar image

Salaam , It is called nightfall.... So when you wake up and realise that you had a nightfall then ghusl is mandatory.... The condition for ghusl are : 1. Sperm coming out due to nightfall[or nocturnal emission for women] or masturbation or sexual intercourse in which ejaculation was done inside the vagina or not.... 2. Menstruation and Post Partum bleeding.

If there is a slight drop of urine on innerwears , then ghusl is not necessary but only the cloth can be changed and that place can be washed and thats sufficient....

Allah knows the best

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edited Jan 09 at 10:12
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