As salam alaiqum I am 42 years old and have completed 12 years of marriage with 3 children ( 2 daughters & 1 son)Alhamdullilah. But I am very unhappy with my wife as she is very irresponsible and doesn't care about our family and kids. She always leaves the house and the kids without informing me. I often have to take care of my house and kids who are 11, 8 & 5 years old respectively! I have always strive to keep my wife and kids very happy and have worked very hard to give them all the love, care, luxuries and comfort in life. But in return my wife doesn't respect my hard work as she herself earns and often behave like the most irresponsible in taking care of the house and kids. She is of very foul mouth and bad temper too. She often hurt me for small - small things and makes me feel very small in front of my family and relatives. Yesterday , again she left our home and kids without informing me. Due to these unpleasant behavior of my wife, I am very unhappy in my marriage. But since I have two daughters I can not divorce her. I love my kids very much. But now I want my happiness too. I want someone who can love me, respect me and take care of my family and hence I am thinking of second marriage! I need advice and help to prepare myself mentally for the second marriage. What are the islamic ways to do a second marriage? How should I proceed with it? I dont want to loose my kids but at the same time want to have a happy life. How should I go ahead with this decision? Please help brothers.

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