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My father has just retired from service. he has 40 lac rupees with him. we are 2 sisters and a younger brother. he fears the money will finish and wishes to invest it get some returns. we do not have Islamic banking where we is very risky for an old man like him. he wishes to invest in bank but is confused. please guide us.

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You have younger brother you should start new business. in start invest with less amount of money. Your father should act as finance controller in the business taking step where to invest and younger brother should manage it with the supervision of your father. As your brother get mature the business transfered to him. until your father take decicion in this way your money will be save and halal. Putting money in the bank will be risky and considered to be haram in terms of intrests

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business seems legible. but my brother is just 11 now. it will be tough for us to deal with it. but thanx 4 ur answer

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