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Have read my revelations where muslims said jesus showed himself to them that he his the only way,and different christians revelations that jesus showed them how heaven and hell is.dat its only christains that accepted jesus will go to heaven and non repentance will end up in d lake of fire.pls how true?

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Sis/bro we do follow his way but the way it mention in Quran. We respect him and we love him with our heart ,peace be upon him so then how could we go to hell if we are loving him?

Jesus in Islam is a prophet and messenger from Allah (god) so we should repect the prophet if we want Allah to be happy with us if we disobey the prophet it like disobeying Allah command and his word...

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Dear brother,

Please read the verses about Jesus in the Holy Quran.One in Surah Albakrah verse 87 and 88 says in Arabic:( ( ولقد آتينا موسى الكتاب وقفينا من بعده بالرسل وآتينا عيسى ابن مريم البينات وأيدناه بروح القدس أفكلما جاءكم رسول بما لا تهوى أنفسكم استكبرتم ففريقا كذبتم وفريقا تقتلون ( 87 ) وقالوا قلوبنا غلف بل لعنهم الله بكفرهم فقليلا ما يؤمنون ( 88)) which means in ENGLISH (Remember We gave Moses the Book and sent after him many an apostle; and to Jesus, son of Mary, We gave clear evidence of the truth, reinforcing him with divine grace. Even so, when a messenger brought to you what did not suit your mood you turned haughty, and called some imposters and some others you slew (88) And they say: "Our hearts are enfolded in covers." In fact God has cursed them for their unbelief; and only a little do they believe(89). Also in the same Surah in verse 86 says (They are those who bought the life of the world at the cost of the life to come; and neither will their torment decrease nor help reach them). And also in the same surah in verse 135 says (They say: "Become Jews or become Christians, and find the right way." Say: "No. We follow the way of Abraham the upright, who was not an idolater).

Finally, I hope that I helped you.. In fact, I strongly advice you to visit the website if you just get there, just click in English language then start chatting with people who is better than me to get some important issues that you concern about Islam religion.

Warm regards,

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