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Sallam,is it right for the children to watch cartoon while mother is busy doing sometin else and if no what other tins can we engage them in apart from reading(bcos all work and no play makes jack a dull boy)can dey play ludo game,monopoly,cards and many others?pls sallam

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmat allahi wa barakatuh.

Dear brother/Sister, I have actually been searching about this subject a few days ago, and from what I read is that: If it has anything that is against Islam or the belief then it is forbidden. Such as: 1- Having love scenes or romantic relationships like Disney movies usually have. 2- If it's a waste of time. 3- Super powers and so on. (like wind and water, fire etc.) 4- Violent cartoons may not be permissible; cause they make the child grow to be violent.

But you could show them some Islamic cartoons that help the child to grow up to be positive and religious. And believe me usually cartoons have big effects to the person young or old, so choose them wisely.

You can read more in here but it's in Arabic.

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