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2 days ago i saw a dream that i was traveling with my father in our car and suddenly a woman who was in the face of my aunt appeared and gave lift to her. After traveling some distance i and my father decided to turn back and we asked that woman to get down from the car. By the time my father was talking to her outside the car i saw her feet and her feet were turned back about 180 degrees. and after that i heard the people around us saying that she was a ghost woman. and i told my father that we had a ghost woman with us he told me that no how can you tell that. I told him that her feet were turned back and the people around us said they (my father and I) had a ghost woman with us. After watching this dream i suddenly woke up and suddenly the Azaan began in the nearby Masjid. Please tell me what is the meaning of this dream???? JazakALlAH Khair

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Dream Interpretation is considered off topic here." by Irfan Alam Jan 12 at 08:27

Praise be to Allah!

Dream interpretation on this website will cause your question to be closed as it is considered off-topic. I don't know how to interpret dreams but go on this website, hopefully it'll at least interpret your dream to your liking. Salaam.

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