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I have 3 little children and i have househelps or maids at home that help with house chores and help me stay with my children wen am busy cooking or doing other tins.most of these house helps are minor.pls is it halal or harram?

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These househelp are okay and no problem with that. If these are girls and grown up [i.e. reached puberty] then you have to make sure that the mixing with your boys when your boys reach puberty should be avoided as much as possible and if the househelp is a boy and reached the age of puberty then you should do necessary purdah in front of him....

Another important aspect related to these household are that you should be kind with them and treat them nicely , remember that they are unfortunate else they wont be working at your house but still they are the creation of Allah and Allah has commanded us to be merciful to his creation. Give them their due salary in time. Feed them well if you can , ignore if they do mistakes at times and be gentle to them and never disgrace them nor oppress them and always be just to them and be considerate to their rights.


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