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Sallamualaikun waramotulahi wabarakatu,my question is if heavy make up is nt accepted in islam can we apply just powder with normal lip gloss so to prevent d lips from drying and can we also use kajal or eye pencil on d eye lid? 2:i heard using jewelleries and wedding bands or rings(gold and diamond) are satanic,pls ao tru?ma sallam.

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You can apply makeup in order to look good for your husband. For others it is necessary that you dont show your adornments [Surah Noor verse 31]... 1. Yes you can apply powder /lip gloss , kajal [ infact applying Kohl is a sunnah] eyepencil or boroplus or vaseline or lipguard to protect your lips from drying and there is no problem with that. The only thing important to consider that your makeup should not be made up of haraam ingredients and it should not form such a thick layer on your skin that water do not reach to your skin while doing ablution because then your ablution[wudu] will be incomplete and then such make up will be haraam... 2. I dont know what is wedding bands but as far as jewelleries made up of diamond/gold/platinum are concerned , then it is not haraam and perfectly acceptable for women.. But one should be careful that the shape of the jewellery should not resemble the religious symbol of other religion [ like cross or om in hindu religion etc] else it will be haraam [ not the gold/diamond itself but those objects in form of religious symbol]...


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