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Sallamualaikun waramotulai wabarakatuhu,i have 3 boys age 6,4 and 2.they play roughly and they are too troublesome especially d eldest one.wen am really provoked i say words like silly,naughty,are u alright or wat is wrong with ur brain.pls are dese words are sinful bcos i heard women dat swear are likely to end up in hell.are dese words also swear.pls help a mother ma sallam

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No , saying your kids silly , naughty , brainless is not haraam although not recommendable.. These words are just the normal words which comes out of one's mouth due to frustration and does not constitute profanity and hence not haraam... Only Profanity or slang/abusive words [ which we call here in India "GALI"] is haraam.... Although you are recommended to be soft and gentle to your kids. Remember mother is the first school of their children. They will probably learn what they hear from you and hence it is important that you maintain good behaviour with them. Love them when needed and be strict with them when needed [try to maintain the balance between the two]. Meanwhile tell them the stories from islam , talk to them about our Prophet (peace be upon him) and his family (alaihe salaato salaam) , tell them the islamic perspective ofimportance of obeying your parents and respecting them and how Allah becomes angry when somebody disrespect the parents. Play occasionaly with them and make sure what they are doing and their activity and finally pray to Allah for their good InshaAllah everything will be fine....

May Allah help you. Ameen Wassalaam

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