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Sallamualaikun waramotulai wabarakatuhu,ve been married for ova 5yrs and my husband doesnt allow my parents and his around us,to him ve seen some of my immediate family like 3-4yrs ago and we stay in d same city,not even calling them,i was depressed for some time till i tuk d courage to start calling them at his back and seeing them weneva i go out cos i stay indoor.i begged my mum nt to use it to cause any trouble bcos he might send me packing which she accepted.i do call,see and send tins to my family without his knowledge, i just paid my 2 little sisters admission fee into d university without his knowledge.i do send monthly allowance to my grand mother without his knowlege.i dont mean to hide tins away from his but since he neva allow me to have acces to them.pls all dat ve done or doing is it a sin? Allah nose and sees my condition and its written in d holy quaran that children heaven lies in d feet of their parents and also wife shld obey her husband.pls am really confuse help me out,i dont want dis tins to spoil my sallam.

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Dear sister , indeed your situation is sad and tricky... It is strange why your husband does not allow you to meet you parents.... This is indeed a grave sin of not allowing wife to meet their parents. Allah told us all to be kind to their parents.

If you are in the same town, it is your right to visit them (or them visit you, for a 'reasonable visit') once a week. Your husband does not have the right to stop you in this. [Ibn Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar; Ibn al-Humam, Fath al-Qadir]

Note, however, that the way to deal with marital problems is not law but love: when it comes down to law, with each sticking to millimetric measurement of their rights, marriages fail, as rarely does any love and affection remain.

With love, even major differences become minor.


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