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can someone name his triplet boys names like;hussein,hassan and haseen,jazakumuLLAHU kairan

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Sister or brother, You can name your baby what every you like but the name meaning should be positive I am sorry to let you know that we don't answer question like this because you can go to islamic name meaning site and find it out your self my dear brother and sister.

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IN THE NAME OF GOD! salam. Ali,abas,abolfazl,mohammad, ahmad, reza,alireza.amirali ,ammar,abozar,mahmood, masood,morteza, mohsen,majid,haadi,mahdi, javad,jalil,yasin,amirhusain,amirali,sajjad,saeed,kazem,sadeq,hor,habib,hani,muslem,baaqer,zeynolabedin,asadolla,heidar,valiuolla,moosa,qasem,amin,taahaa, mojtaba, aref, emad, esmaeel, jafar, matin, mobin, moheb, moeen, vaheed, uoosef, taqi, naqi, ebrahim, khalil, hojat, foaad, safdar, ehsaan, saaleh,erfaan, hasan,

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Nofal,Nawaf,Fawaz ...

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Salaam Alaiykum, there is no reason why you could not use those names. May Allah bless the triplets who may be arriving into this world. Ameen

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