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Assalamwalikum, My mother went to see a girl for my brother marriage, at first glance my mother got impressed by her, but her family background isn't goo so I suggested my mom to do Istikhara , she did so .. In her dream she saw a white light but the girl's face resemble little bit with her cousin daughter , due to past relation with her cousin,my mother promised herself that she won't build any new relation with her cousin ever.. So what should we do now ? Thanks all who will answer me .. May Allah bless you !

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Alaiykum Salaam, I just provided a response to another question regarding dream interpretation. The site which I referenced to gives an outline of the three different types of dreams and how to go about dealing with them the Sunnah way. You can also type in 'white light'and read the description which follows. My advice is to tread carefully when interpreting dreams and do not become preoccupied with this habit. Salaam

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