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Salam..can you go roaming in public with holden hands with your husband?kissing?is it haram or is it permissible?

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Kissing in Public is not within the modesty of Islam and we should be modest enough.

Modesty is one of the branch of Islamic faith [Refer Muslim book of Iman].

As far as holding hands are concerned , then there is nothing wrong with it and infact its good if it increases the love in the heart of your wife. Sometimes wives want their husband to be more possessive towards them and if husband are holding their wives hand their wife feel good, so in that scenario it becomes good.

Sometime one is in crowded place so it is on safer side to hold hand together.

Also sometimes when women is holding hand of her husband , the hooligans tends to leave that women away thinking that she is already married and hence they dont tease her , So this is again a good aspect of it.....

Wassalaam And Allah knows best

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Alaiykum Salaam, A husband and wife should not kiss when in public where other people can see them, or in a place where it is most likely that people may see them; because bashfulness and modesty are one of the traits of faith, as reported from the Prophet saws by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim. Therefore, Muslim couples should observe the Islamic etiquette when enjoying each other.

Rasool Allah sallahu alayhi wa alihi wa salam taught us modesty. We should practise it.

In non-Islamic countries, couples (married or unmarried) make out in public as they do not have modesty. Even non-Muslim passer bys shake their heads in disapproval at times. It makes sense to limit intimacy to private places like homes. As for holding hands, personally, I do not see anything wrong with this but one should still be aware of the cultural etiquette. Salaam

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