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Salam..I have a cat at home since 6 years since 3 weeks the cat is crying I heard that is because I bad a thing is coming for my family or it true?

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Alaiykum salaam sister, to my knowledge, there is nothing in the sunnah which would indicate any truth in what you have heard. Please be careful not to believe in superstition and cultural innovations which have no basis in Islam. Always check against the Qur'an and the Sunnah. This is the intelligent way. The cat could be on heat (meaning wanting to mate) or there could be another logical explanation.

In addition, I want to share this with you. Your mind is a powerful tool. Once you place a thought in your mind, positive or negative, and start believing in this thought, you can through your behaviour begin to give this thought power. If you are foolish enough to believe in a foolish thought, you may actually start fooling yourself that this thought is true or that it has some basis and astaghfirullah, even try to explain a happening in your life through this thought.

I would advise you to focus on those things that are positive and healthy and carry these good thoughts in your head. Remember, people by nature tend to want to make up superstituous beliefs and beware of this trap. Salaam

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