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Assalamualaikum all..I'm here with a long scenario seeking ur help in this matter..Please take time to read this and share ur views..I know a family in which the father gives financial aid to another family who have kids..The amount is above 1000sr every month..knowing this his own family got crossed as they are in need of money themselves..nd they disagree on the fact that instead of using it on his own family he's spending a huge amount on that unknown family..They also suspect that their father maybe interested in the married lady of that house he's giving aid to..The father lives alone in riyadh nd the mother often visits him twice a year from Pakistan..looking at this the mother got concerned and planned to stay with him for a long time..The payments to that family has been stopped but because the father refuses to stop helping that family, the children of that family decided to seek a molanas help who's in Pakistan. .he told that father is under strong influence or he has the Asraat. .nd he suggested to be punctual in prayers nd do wazifas of ayatulkursi 300 times by each family member for 7 weeks nd surah imran 1000 times...nd some other more...the molana himself has agreed to recite few surahs for them.The father doesn't know of all this and the family's happy that because of this he's suffering palpitations which they think is the result of the wazifa they are doing

Now my question is how right it is to seek someone else's knowledge on the fone regarding this.nd isn't it wrong to believe in the prediction molanas made that the father has can a molana recite something nd affect the person with whom he has no relation..nd doing such wazifas to get rid of the problem..can't we just rely on reciting portion of quran everyday, praying tahajjud nd fard namaaz nd asking Allah to help..Please help nd sorry for the long post

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Please ask these type of questions in the official Community page.

Thank you.

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