I'm in country where sex is so like more then normal and there am i....i think i will be involved in it becouse i can't control anymore.... But i would b really greatfull to u people if u can help me from zinah

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I live in a country where this is very casual too, unfortunately. My advise is to keep yourself busy. Even if it's just reading a book, or playing a sport, or drawing or something. The easiest way is to distract yourself, and make sure you're with someone (i.e. a family member or friend) who will not allow you to do such a deed. Like sitting with them when you clearly don't have to, that's a way to make sure nothing bad happens. =)

And Honestly, when you feel like this, the best way to deal with it is just keep on reciting 'Audhu-Billah' It will help if you keep saying it, and don't stop saying it even if your thoughts alter.

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