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I want to me become a muslim, but the nearest mosque near me - to which I know of is Shia. I dont know what I should do because I read some Shia beliefs that I didn't agree with because I seemed to me a Catholic version of Islam - please don't be offended. I like Sunni. I am Catholic and 16. What should I do, and advise. I have intensely studied Islam and wish to further it but for the moment I don't know everything. Please give me advice. I am not sure how Islamic sects are opposed to Christian sects. And how many sects are there any way. Thank You. And may Allah bless you for any advise You can give me.

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Dear truth seeker

May the Almighty bless you and make you attain the highest degree of paradise. Ameen. I am very happy to read your post and see your interest in Islam.

You should know that whoever follows the Quran and the sunnah will be granted Paradise by Allah's Mercy. There is just one Islam. And that is the one taught by Quran and the sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him,

You should stick to the mainstream body of the Muslims (the Sunnis or the Ahlas Sunnah wal Jama'ah) and not go along with some minority groups that have some strange interpretation of Islam - even though they are your brothers in faith. Some of them go too far and actually go outside Islam. But many are just following some strange interpretation of Islam even though they are Muslims. Avoid therefore Shias and Sufis. Never ever mix with people like qadanis (Ahmedia) or submitters etc - all of these are very very astray and actually go outside Islam.

You can either identify yourself as a Sunni Muslim or simply Muslim and both are acceptable.

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there is a mosque by me that is Shia Jafari - should I look for a different one - whats the different with Jafari and just Shia. Thank You

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Please read this article by the National Muslim chaplain of America - sheikh Yusuf Estes

Even though you should stick to the mainstream body of the Muslims (the Sunnis) you do not have to call yourself a Sunni Muslim. the title Muslim is enough as the Sheikh explains. However if you do no problem.

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When did salafis who practice anthropomorphism became ahlus sunnah wal jamaah? Great..... Look upon the following video from salafi scholar....

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@Ahmadomar, al hamdulilahee salfis are not of ahlul sunnah wal jammah. This is a fabrication promoted by their scholars and their followers. Also what you say is the truth about their practice of tajsim. May Allah reward you. Salaam

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Dear brothers @Ahmadomar and @yaqin, may Allah Subhana wa Ta'Alla reward you both as you have highlighted invaluable understandings and awareness regarding who the real ahlul sunnah wal jammah are and those who are upon bidah. At times, it is very confusing for new Muslims and even those who are just endeavouring to get closer to the truth. The question, Where is Allah? lead to uncovering truth so it is a fair question to ask if it leads to the best knowledge one can attain. Salaam

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Brother or sister I will give you a website which will inshallah(with god will) help you to understand about islam .

This website is really good at teaching non Muslim about Islam so please sister or brother take your time and do those course which are available in that site,it also have quizzes at the end of each lesson. If you need more information please send me private message then I will help you:) Thanks and peace be upon you

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