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My mother and father had separated when me and my younger sister were about 10 and 4 respectively. Then after a few years they got divorced. We lived with our mother. When I was 17, she got married to another person. We accepted this eventually and started living together as a family. After a few years they had a baby, a daughter. Me and my younger sister loved that child like she is just our own sister. I personally believed it so because she came from my mother's end. We raised her up so far, helping our mother in her duties. My younger sister got married a couple of years ago. Now my mother, me and that youngest sister live together in one house. My mother's 2nd husband now lives in abroad for almost 6 years in business purpose. I do job and take care of my mother and that sister as I used to do earlier. I never feel right to consider her as different. After all, we all three came from the same womb by Allah's grace. Now please help me with answering on my discussion above. What Islam say about it? No matter what though I wouldn't leave her apart. Please suggest........May Allah bless you!!

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See the brother sis [or sister-sister or brother brother] relationship in Islam is established in any one of the following way....

  1. Both are children of same parents i.e. same father same mother [Thats called real blood relation].
  2. Either of the parents are same: [Father is same and mother is different , i.e father married twice] OR [Mother is same and Father is different , which is the case with you] AND IN THIS CASE SHE IS YOUR STEP SISTER
  3. Both the children were breast feed by same women within their weaning period [i.e. when they i.e. both the child were less than 2 years].... In this case THEY WILL BE REFERED TO AS FOSTER SIBLINGS.......

And in all above case nikah with each other is haraam and the girl need not to do purdah with that boy [becasue of being in the relationship of bro-sis]....

Also note that the daughters of your first father from his second marriage [if he has done] will be your step sister too.

But the daughter of your mothers 2nd marriage and bro of your fathers 2nd marriage will have no relation between them and hence their nikaah will be valid and the your step sis from mothers side has to observe hijab from your step bro. of your fathers side....


And Allah knows best....

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