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1) I really have an urge to revert to Islam. I was always a Muslim, however, I dont think I have ever performed the Shahada or prayed. I've just turned 16, and want to start praying an officially become involved with Islam? Is this still possible?

2) I am really confused about the prayers. I understand that there are 5 in total per day, however, are they all the same? Do you have to say the same verses with the same positions?, and if so, why do they all have different names? I'm really confused with the types of prayers that exist in general (like the Salat?) and how do I learn these?

3) I will also start visiting a mosque, however, I dont know what to say there because I recently moved to this location. Do I ask for help when I pray? Do I walk in and ask if I can become a Muslim? As I walk in, what shall I say to them?

4) I would also like to study philosophy at college, and hopefully take up Islamic/Oriental studies at a renowned university, to hopefully become an Imam and serve Allah if possible. Do you think that this is possible, because I can not speak any Arabic at all, and will start studying from a Qur'an which has been translated into English.

5) Last Question: I really want to attend a mosque, however, it is 2.5 miles away, and will intervene with my studies when I start college, can I pray at home? Go on the weekends? Go after school? When is it possible to go in general, and does it matter?

Thank you very much. Taylor.

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This really would be better posted as separate questions. It may be that a user knows good answers to one or two questions without being able to answer the other ones. Posted separately, you are more likely to get the best answers for each question.

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@ goldPseudo I did not understand your comment.

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@Al Ummat: This is five separate questions. If each question is posted separately, as five posts instead of one, then everybody can answer one question at a time, instead of trying to answer all five at once.

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ok, but what about the answers already given I believe there are answers that can answer these questions

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As stated by other posts yes you can revert, as for the prayers(salat) it is just a recitation of verses from the Qur'an, the Prophet read his prayers in different ways so until you find someone to teach you or you learn by yourself you can read your prayers in English, that is the translation of the original arabic verses, the main aim is that you have the right intention to pray to Allah. It is not necessary to go to the mosque to pray - only good practice, so find time to visit the mosque when you can and ask for guidance. Because in Islam Muslims are all brothers and sisters you can approach anyone for help, they can refer you to others who may help you, so you can say "Hello, I would like help since I have newly turned Muslim, need help in Salah, reading Arabic, Qu'ran, etc.." Attend classes if they are available. I think to become an Imam learning Arabic would be very beneficial but with the increase in people not knowing Arabic and who are still Muslim, they have English translations of the Qu'ran which they refer to. Hope this helped. :)

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1- yes you may revert at any age but if you wwere born muslim then its most likely that one of your parents, most likely your father whispered in your ear the shahada but if you freel like you want to officialy turn a new page then you may 2-the prayers are sort of different but only in the amount you pray if you dont know a lot of quran you may say the same verse over and over in every rakat after the fatiha you say one short sura it would be best if you researched how to pray considering its toov long to explain here.... its all over the internet 3-when you walk in it would be best to ask to see the sheikh or the head supervisor of the mosque once you explain your situation they will understand and teach you everything you need or appoint somone to help you with what you need 4-i really recomend looking up the biogrophy of hamza yousuf he was born and raised in california as a christian and once he decided to convert to islam really late at 18 and he just got up left to saudi arabia now he is one of the most famous sheikhs in america, but he had a lot of determination i really do think its possible (and he speaks perfect arabic now) 5-since you are a girl you arent required to go to the mosque for prayer, only men are on fridays but they can go if they choose to, but i reccomend that you go to revert and learn to pray and then stay at your house but most mosque have sunday schools where you can learn about islam if not then gain some information online as long as you stick with non-prejiduce islamic sites.

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Allah says in the Qur'an, [Allah witnesses that there is no deity except Him, and [so do] the angels and those of knowledge - [that He is] maintaining [creation] in justice. There is no deity except Him, the Exalted in Might, the Wise] [3 v18]

Allah here says, [Allah witnesses that there is no deity except Him] Allah witnesses the Shahada His Oneness and He Has made obligatory upon Himself of witnessing the Shahada and also Has made all His creation obligatory upon to witness the Shahada His Oneness that is why Allah says here, [and [so do] the angels] and the reason why Allah mentions the Angels first is that they were the first creation off Allah and they were the first creation to witness the Shahada and the Oneness off Allah and then Allah says, [and those of knowledge] Allah here mentions the rest of His creation witness the Shahada including Jinn kind who have knowledge off Him. Therefore, you should go to your local Mosque to witness the Shahada and to say it front of everyone there as they will be a witness for you at Judgment day.

Allah says, [Adhere to it], turning in repentance to Him, and fear Him and establish prayer and do not be of those who associate others with Allah] [30 v31] and also, [So exalted is Allah when you reach the evening and when you reach the morning] [30 v17] As for the Salah there are five daily Salah, the first one is called Fajr which is before dawn and you do to Rak'a the second one is called Dhuhur which is at midday and you pray four Rak'a and the third one is at called Asar which is in the afternoon and pray four Rak'a and the fourth one is called Maghrib it is at sun set and you pray three Raka'a and the fifth one is called Isha it is one hour after Maghrib during night and you pray four Rak'a. These are the daily prayers but for you to learn them you need to go to your local Mosque for them to show you how it is done and what to say.

As for praying at home or at your college you can but only if you know how to pray by yourself as I can see which you do not know how I would advise you to attend at your local Mosque to learn how to perform the Salah and when you are confident to perform the Salah by yourself then you can but it is always better to pray at the Mosque as much as you can and attend at the weekends too.

As for studying this is good do as much as you can and try to learn Arabic language at the same time as you want to become a Imam you need to know how to read and write Arabic and to understand the Qur'an and the Ahadith. I wish you all the best and I ask Allah to make it easy for you and forgive you all your sins after taking the Shahada Insha'Allah.

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