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What is the significance of the crescent moon and star in Islam ? Also, where does this originate from?

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So the matter is settled then? I hope you got your answers (mellowone). All in all the moon and the star don't mean much and are not highly significant.

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Basically, Muslim nations that were once under the influence of the Turkish Ottomon Empire continue to use their symbol of the moon crescent. The Ottomons inherited the moon symbol from the Greek Byzantine empire. The Byzantines probably got it from somewhere else.

There is nothing wrong with symbols. You can have symbols for your nation, your army, your organization, your club, etc. What you cannot symbolize through imagery is GOD. No Muslim uses the moon crescent symbol to try to symbolize God, so there is no problem with such a symbol.

Whenever this question comes up — and it is usually brought up by evangelical Christians — you should diffuse their argument with one simple Qur'anic verse — "Do not worship the sun or the moon, but worship Allah Who created them." (41:37). Whenever I have brought this verse up, the Christians making this allegation have always ignored it or refused to answer. I can tell you the same thing will happen on this forum now. It is like they become purposely blind and deaf when confronted with the Truth.

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@ AnwarX - what do you mean ?? diffuse what argument ? no one is attacking you or your belief system .. i merely asked a question of interest to myself . nothing more .. jeeze , i'm starting to see a pattern here .....

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Coming back to my original point, though, would you like to break the pattern that I pointed out about evangelical Christians always ignoring the Qur'an Chapter 41 Verse 37 when I point it out?

You see, forgive me if I am wrong, but these are patterns that I have noticed over the years.

When a normal person asks a question and gets a CLEAR and DIRECT response to it, they usually acknowledge that response.

When an evangelical Christian type asks Muslims about moon worship and they get a CLEAR and DIRECT response, they never acknowledge it. They will never acknowledge the Qur'an 41:37. It is as if they couldn't see the print or hear the verse. It is a type of invincible ignorance, a willingly deaf and blind stance.

You had an opportunity to prove me wrong. You could have responded by saying, "Oh wow, I never heard that Qur'anic verse which says that you should not worship the moon. I will never believe an evangelical Christian website again when they talk about Islam. I promise never to repeat this question on another forum or Muslim chat room ever again." But instead of replying like this, you did exactly what I predicted-- you IGNORED the Qur'anic verse that I quoted.

Please at least tell us what you are thinking. What is going on in your mind now? Did you SEE the verse or not? Is there a veil on your eyes? Do you acknowledge that such a verse exists, or was my reference wrong? Or is the verse ambiguous in some way and open up to another (reasonable) interpetation?

At least let us know what you think. In the meantime, I will keep on repeating the verse, if not for your benefit, then for the benefit of other non-Muslims who may be joining in on reading this thread.


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During the battles for islam in the time of the holy prophet sas banners were used and some sahabas became great martyrs for carrying the flag.I do not know when the moon and star banner originated or where but isnt it a very wise but simple representation for the entire universe?

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It is not that significant really. Just a moon and a star. Maybe it's a moon because the time of fasting during Ramadan is based on the moon. As for the star, well, it's probably just there to look pretty. I never really considered the star and the moon to be symbols of Islam, it's not like they are placed on the Holy Quran or something, not even in the Holy Mosque in Mecca.

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it really dosent have anything to do with islam people just wanted a symbol as every other religion does it isnt an official sign of islam and no one has dubbed it to be so.... but i kind of think it originated from ramadan because we look at the moon to determine weather its ramadan or not if the moon is full its ramadan if not its the next day also our calender is based on the moon rather than the sun so people took it from there but it isnt recognized as an official symbol as the cross is or the confusious sign or the judaic star

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If Islam is centered around being different from the unbelievers than why do what they do? If Islam forbids any kind of picture or photo or image of heavenly, earthly, humanity or fauna then why use that to depict Islamic culture. Just asking, not attacking!

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that is the reason why its not considered our official sign i know that we shouldnt be like unbelivers and that is why i dont regard it as our symbol i mean there isnt even a need for a symbol right?

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So then , if the month of Ramadan is based on the position of the moon .. are not the (5) Salats that are prayed daily governed by the same principles ?? Or am I incorrect ? Wouldn't this form of worship then be considered "Moon Worship" ??? . . . please correct me If and Where I am wrong .

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no we base the prayers on the position of the sun because they didnt hve clocks long ago obviously but now adays there are many places where you cn check the exact times its time to pray even on this website you can as you see in the corner and we dont worship the sun or the moon so it wouldnt be considered moon worship or sun worship its just that we use the sun to know what time to pray

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also if you notice our prayers are named after what the position of the sun is dhuhr is translated to noon and asr to afternoon maghrib is sunset i3sha is evening

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The first Christian symbol was the two fish swimming upstream and downstream. This represented faith and worship regarding the Christ. The cross represents death of the lord and to commemorate the sacrifice. I don't agree with this because it is the wrong sign of worship. Yet regarding the moon and star you yourself may not abide by it but if someone in authority legitimized that symbol thenost unbelievers are going to take it that way

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is not my responsibility to watch out if others take the sign for islam or not i know its wrong and others may make it their symbol but i cant prevent that as you cant prevent the christians taking the cross as a symbol

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mellowone: "Isn't it a form of moon worship if your calender is based on the moon" is not just a simple innocent question. It is a loaded question that is informed by evangelical Christian presuppositions, and you know it.

No person-- unless they are incredibly stupid-- could even think of drawing such a conclusion or even a question on their own unbiased initiative. Otherwise you would have asked the same question about the Christian calender which is based on the sun, or the Jewish calender which is based on the moon.

Tell me, have you ever entertained the possibility that Judaism is based on "moon worship" because their calender is based on the moon? I'll bet your Bible that you never asked a Jew that question. That is because your question is a pointed one that is informed by hateful prejudices. Trust me, I see a pattern too.

Don't get me wrong; you're more than welcome to keep on asking such questions. I don't mind them, because it gives us a chance to state our belief system and points of view, so that other open-minded non-Muslims who are following these discussion threads might benefit (God willing).

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@ anwarx - Look dude , if I was interested in Judaism I would be on a site pertaining to such . I am on this site because I have an interest in Islam , not in attacking it . I'm starting to see what that "confusedsoul" guy is talking about . AGAIN , no one is attacking you or your belief system dude . So relax , and don't ever again try to imply that I am stupid . I'm far from it . Only a clown that thinks they know everything would say such things .

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even i admit anwarx is being very harsh im reading your questions and see no attack whatsoever

(Apr 07 '12 at 22:27) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

@mellowone i looked through your previous questions saw your from california i am too where exactly are you from we may be close to eachother i live in the inland empire

(Apr 07 '12 at 23:19) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image


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How did a simple question about where something came from turn into accusations that christians use the question to attack muslems? If you want to talk about measureing time why not discuss which way is the most accurate? This brings to mind another question I would like to ask, thankyou.

(Apr 08 '12 at 00:41) Athanasius Athanasius's gravatar image

What happen AnwarX did your dog die or something? How come your in such a foul mood over a question? You always say it is ok to ask question and yet it seems to me that you discourage people when answering something regarding Islam. You immediately turn to attacking the bible or Christianity. I'm sure if he has a question pertaining to Judaism he would ask a Jewish person( common sense goes a long way). Also I'm pretty sure that mellowone can read and understood your reference about the moon. But quoting a book isn't enough when actions says something else. Example if I was to ask (which I did before) is facing the east and walking around a building whether clockwise or not is that idolatry? Ofcourse you will immediately run to the Quran and quote something. Same as a catholic when asked what's the deal with all the statues and painting of Jesus or all those gargoyles on top of those old Cathedrals? They would instantly deny it and show me something in Exodus or Corithians or just give a generic explaination. Personally I never thought it was moon worship or sun worship because the Almighty did create time and that is one of the ways to tell it.

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You said "...Quoting a book isn't enough when actions says [sic] something else."

Question 1: Would you then be willing to conclude that Judaism and Christianity teach the worship of money, since that's what most Jews and Christians (and Muslims!) do?? I don't understand why you would base your judgement of a religion on the actions of its adherents rather than on its teachings from the primary sources. Is that an approach or methodology that you apply to your study of other religions as well?

Question 2: What "actions" of Muslims would make you think that we worship the moon? You seem to just about barely acknowledge that the Qur'an condemns moon worship, but now you are being ambiguous and implying that there might be something about our actions that does imply moon worship. What exactly would that be? Using the crescent moon as a symbol? Building a crescent moon on top of a mosque minaret? What exactly?

Question 3: Would you apply the same standard to any other religion? You may have brought up some vague and hypothetical examples for the sake of this discussion thread, but would you honestly ever consider bringing them up in a Catholic discussion forum? I mean, would you go on a Catholic discussion forum and ask them if they worship gargoyles??

Question 4: If facing the east is idolatry, then do you also think that orthodox Jews commit idolatry by facing Jerusalem? (Keep in mind that Jesus also prayed facing the Temple).

Question 5: If walking around a building during worship is idolatry, do you also believe that orthodox Jews worship a wall? (ie. the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem).

Question 6: If prostrating in front of a man-made building is idolatry, do you also believe that Joshua committed idolatry when he prostrated himself in front of the man-made Ark of the Covenant? "Joshua and the elders of Israel tore their clothing in dismay, threw dust on their heads, and bowed face down to the ground before the Ark of the LORD until evening." (Joshua 7:6)

When (and if) you answer any of these questions, I ask you to observe the following two things: (1) a consistent standard (not one standard for Islam, and another for the other religions), and (2) honest answers, not answers of convenience in order to try to make a point or win an argument.

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oh you live in northern california i live in socal

(Apr 08 '12 at 15:30) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

Sac is better my friend :-)

(Apr 08 '12 at 17:11) mellowone mellowone's gravatar image

no way i can go to disney land universal studios hollywood la all in the same day

(Apr 08 '12 at 18:06) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

and i have gone to every one many times

(Apr 08 '12 at 18:06) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

Well , you do have a point there

(Apr 09 '12 at 15:17) mellowone mellowone's gravatar image

"... I don't mind them, because it gives us a chance to state our belief system and points of view....", from AnwarX.

AnwarX, to be a truly open minded person, Muslim, Christian, Jew, or any religion for that matter you should never state your belief system or points of view. If one truly wants his or her beliefs to be understood then one should take on the position of teaching others about what you believe rather than taking the defensive position of "stating" one's beliefs.

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AnwarX, one accusation will lead to the next. Someone will attack Islam and its "adherents" and you will attack the adherents of Christianity or Judaism. Every religions believers have their faults. No one can be perfect and follow the letter of law so to speak to the "T". We can all only try and be as Allah, God, or Yaweh would want us to be. Be a teacher AnwarX. If you allow yourself to be sucked in to "discussions" with negative implications then you are no better than they are. To point out the faults of others is petty. Explain and teach what you know. You seem to know Islam. Teach us all about Islam and its beauty.

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First off AnwarX I have maintained for years that Christians are the biggest idol worshipers. Again Judaism, even though not as prevelant, has rituals too that constitutes idolatry.Secondly, I never said that going by a particular type of calendar is defined a worship just because there is a different interpretation of instruction regarding days of the week or when a day actually begins. Me personally I could never comprehend how people could actually believe that the day starts at the middle of the night and that the year can start the middle of winter. Now there are some worshipping aspects done but I never believed by Muslims or Jews just because the lunar calendar is the primary constitution of time. If anything the circadian aspect has more of a historic background as you know from the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. Now concerning the facing the building and the wall and walking around it yes it goes for both practices which is the reason if this were a Jewish forum I would be asking them that along with some other things that troubles me concerning their faith. And for one I always answered you honestly and consistant I don't need to be directed on how to answer a question but again you be in a position to say that if you knew what I dealt no matter how much you like to tell yourself you already do. And concerning Joshua, again your eyes, with same as Christianity, are probably saying that the ark is probably some ship shaped imaged box that supposedly has the spirit of Allah residing in it. Not to discourage you but when I read that not reading about a wooden box. I am reading a bout a secure promise between Allah and his people where they bowed themselves to that promise. If Allah said not to bow down to any man made images why then would it be allowed for them to do so? Christianity, Islam, and neither Judaism can understand what the ark represented.

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