aadam se pahle fariste allah ko sajda karte the allah ne fir kyu kaha aadam ko sajda karne ko aur aaj hum namaz mein allah ko sajda karte hai. jisne aadam ko sajda nahi kiya wo saitaan ban gaya to hum kaun hai . fariste ya saitaan..?

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I don't know how to answer your question, but I can surely tell you that Satan is trying to mess with your head, brother. Don't let him do that. Moreover, if we were Satans then wouldn't our beloved Prophet (Saws) had said anything about it? He should have, for sure! If the Prophet (Saws) has told us to prostrate (do Sujud) to Allah, then who are we to question him? Afterall, he was the only person who knew everything after Allah (swt), except when is the day of Judgement. So I advise you not to be fooled by Satan. Also, whenever you have a doubt. Always think/refer or search up what did the Prophet (Saws) said about that matter. Mostly referring to the Quran first as it is the Book of Guidance for us Muslims and maybe then the Hadiths (Only the Authentic ones). You'll find your answer surely. I hope this helped you :)

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