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Salam wa' alaykum and Jumua mubarak,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question; today during congregational prayer, everything started to become bright and I began to lose my senses, I ended up fainting (I had a fever the past 2 days). I just wanted to know what is the ruling on someone that faints during salah, what should I have done or still do?

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What mosque were you praying at? I'm not sure if you live in NSW, Sydney, but at Lakemba Mosque yesterday I think somebody fainted, was that you?

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Sorry, I live in UAE

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Salam, do you pray while standing up or sitting down?

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Wa alaykum musalam, I was standing up as it was congregational friday prayer and I thought I was feeling better, it was all sudden

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Salam, Try to prayer slowing and if it cause you problem while stand up and prayer then try to prayer by sitting down, there is no need to be shy. I had the same problem once so I will advice you to eat fresh fruits, vegetable and from your 5 a day plate, try to move all the depression things from your mind while. If you have problem problem with your life or something bordering you then please send me private message in community site so I will help you. If nothing work then it better to see your doctor before it cause you a lots of problem, try to check your eyes because sometime that can make you feel dizzy and make your body to function slow.

Brother or sister we shouldn't be missing any prayer because this is the only way we communicate with Allah, if you suffer from anything in your lifetime share with all and as for help. The other reason we shouldn't be missing our salah is that ever miss salah cost of punishment which is 12... 3 in this life, other 3 while our soul leaving our body, 3 in grave and I think other 3 while allah ask us question ...


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Thank you for your kind answer, the thing is though, I fainted during prayer and couldn't move any part of my body so I couldn't go back to prayer, luckily these two people helped me and then continued to pray, I could move so I just lay watching them pray. I'm asking what should I have done after I recovering and/or what is the ruling on the situation if someone faints during prayer, what must they do. Thank you again


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