Assalamualaikum! There is / was a girl I don't know actually. I love her very much and she too loved me. We both thought that we would do nikah. Condition was that I get settled in my life. Its been 2 years now and there is no growth in my life financially. Due to this we have lotssss of quarrels. She tells me do this do that and all and I tell yes I will do insha Allah but nothing is happening fast. I bought a new home for her but for her its not enough. I also agree that its not enough and I told her I am working on it and it is taking time for everything to come together. But now after 2 years she said yes to another person who is a doctor. I am a sw engnr. I am trying for a good job. I could not do anything for her she blames me that I only sit relax and have fun. Its not so I am trying but its not working. She is telling I want to teach u a lesson and that's why I am getting married. Yes I know i am slow in everything I have done in 2 years hut I am trying my level best. My question to all brothers and sisters is what matters most to you in relationship, the one Who is well settled and you do arrange marriage with him or the person whom you love but is not that well setteled in life financially? She left me because I am not well settled financially. Insha Allah I will become some day. I don't know what to do now. She tells every girl feels so and I am not the only one. What can I tell her now, she is also right... I am depressed now and low. Please pray for me. Allah is not happy with me because of my deeds. Please everyone pray for that Allah forgives me of my sins. I want to marry her, please pray to Allah for our relationship.

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