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I am 16 and I am accepting Islam. My parents annoy me because I do not eat pork. Does anyone know anything clever I can say to support/explain this devotion not to eat pork. Thank You

Also is it harem if I still go to church with them. I don't really want to - but at least I would make them happy...would this be ok because I am honouring my parents. I know that faith is between me and Allah - so I understand that their say can not change this.

I am not naive - as some of my family thinks and I am not going through a phase. I did a lot of research - I also study many religions and mythology.

Thank you, you are all a great help - May Allah bless you all.

  • Remember to give dua, I had to find Islam on my own. I encountered many protestants and Jehovahs...even buddhists, but never muslims. Islam is the religion that is getting most converts, but it is because they come to it on their own - just think about it - if we start promoting Allah's way like others, Islam will get even more converts. It will also help with revealing that it is not scary_ for some reason a lot think so. I just say this because it is hard in my situation because they only know the Islam on the news.

thank you again very much!

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that's very good what your doing Mash Allah! keep up the great work, your in my prayers. You can still go to church with them or stay home, just like don't believe it but be respectful. and for the pork problem, you can say you don't like the taste anymore, or I don't feel good when I get,I get sick. They cant force you right? well good luck with everything and I hope I answer your question.

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