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Sallamualaikun waramotulahi wabarakatuhua,pls moderator dont close down this question.i wont be vulgar,my questions will b straight.dear brothers and sisters in islam,my own knowledge about anal sex is wen the husband go through the anus(where feaces come out)i hope am right? (1)We are in the 21st century and couples want to have different form of sex(i mean different styles)Are differnt styles accepted in islam?.(2)couples tends to go wild when mating,is going wild with your spouse accepted in islam?couples tends to lick or suck their private parts as part of foreplay before having licking or sucking or organs accepted in islam?(3)are all these things accepted in islam? Of what limit did rosululahi and quaran said we shld go about sex.pls i want u beloved muslims to read this and answer me accordingly.may Allah(swt)reward us all.sallam

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assalam alaekum,all perfection is of Allah while error is of man:i may not be able to quote verses bt in the quaran ,it reads "husband makes love to ur wife in all manners bt dont go through the back(anus),i never read about oral sexy in islam,massalam

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assalam alaekum,oral sex is not condemned but not hygeinic and disgusting,scientifically it results into lung cancer,massalam

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as long as I know there is no clear proscription doing those but except one thing you muslim prohibited "do" that through anal. I believe you can get more answer if you want to go further looking is the web. you could use these queries in google : "sex in islam" or "sex in Islam"+"Yusuf qardhawi" you may change the name Yusuf qardhawi to other ulama. hope that helps.


gamis murah

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