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I read your posts in the Salah & cleanliness section, but I think my problem's answer is not there. I think this should be answered separately. I know that to perform Salah, one should do Wudu and wear clean and appropriate clothes. My question is that, I sometimes feel that my clothes are not clean enough, not as in a doubt. I think there's something on my underwear, I dont know what. It's just wet sometimes, definitely not water or urine. Would you have any idea what it might be? It might be semen, I guess. If so, then does it make my clothing unclean and unfit for prayer? Should I be concerned that my prayers are not accepted because of the cleanliness of clothes? Or is it just Satan messing with me so I don't offer Salah? Also, if it does make my clothes unclean, then what should I do in order to make sure my clothing is clean for my prayers? Because this 'thing' is obviously natural and I can't control it or stop it, even if I want to. Please suggest a solution for my problem. I haven't been praying for a couple of days because of this issue, because I don't know if my prayers will be accepted even if I pray. It's just pointless to pray, if im not pure/clean enough. P.S Im a 16-year old, female and not sexually active. Just in case.

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Praise be to Allah!

Firstly, before you pray you must make sure whether you clothes are clean or not. In your case, you are thinking that you underwear is unclean, which it is if it has semen on it. Having semen on your underwear makes your clothes unclean and you must change it and do wudu before you pray. Just make sure before you pray that your clothes are clean. If you go into prayer while having semen on your underwear, your prayer won't be accepted. Before you pray, just check your underwear, if it's unclean, change it, if it's clean and you are sure that no urine or semen is on it, stay wearing it. If there's something you still don't understand, just say.

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Thank you for answering. I did some research and I think it's white discharge rather than semen.. Im still not sure what this is though. But there's one more problem, I go to an Islamic school and after all the classes are over, all the students do Wudu and offer Zuhr prayer. They have proper wudu-area and prayer halls. It's compulsory, unless you have periods. What should I do then? I mean sometimes it happens that there's white discharge on my underwear. Now in this case, I can't change my underwear, so What should I do? I can't even perform salat like that can I now? Any suggestions?

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Also, Am I the only one with this problem? I mean there have to be other girls who have some issue like that or something. If not, then what should I do. There's something definitely wrong with me if Im the only one...

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Honestly, I don't know, maybe a girl on this site will be able to help you out.

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salam. There are two things one what s actually and practically there and second what you think or suspect to be present and which has no real existance. It s the first case only that you have to care for and neglect the case based on suspicion or waswas. The sharia is quite never force you to go after such abstract things. If you find some real thing dirty then you should clean it up and if not never presume things o.k

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