Someone told me that 666 is the Qur'an and that the Book of Revelation prophesied against it. I was not sure what it meant - can someone explain.

Thank You.

May Allah guide us

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it's from the book of revelations, according to john. it is about his apocolyptic vision. it's been a long time but i think it says, "and the number of the beast shall be placed on thier forehead and their right hand." there are all sorts of crazy theories about bar coding or the new tracking chips that can be implanted under the skin. it's non-sense. it's like the non-sense about the four horsemen, the anti-christ, the second comming or in islam mythology the tribes of gog and magog.

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AssalamuAlaikum brother

Thank you for your question. By the way, we have much to talk. How have you been? How are you coping with your family? Have you accepted Islam yet? etc etc. I pray Allah makes everything easy for you and helps you in whatever difficulty you face. Which country do you live, by the way? And what is your email. My email is and you can contact me if you have any questions. I live in Australia, but I guess you live somewhere else, as there are no shia mosques next to where I live that I know of.

This number you mention (666) has nothing to do with the Quran.

This number is believed to be related to the 'beast' mentioned in the Bible. The Quran also mentions about a beast.

alt text And when the Word (of torment) is fulfilled against them, We shall bring out from the earth a beast to them, which will speak to them because mankind believed not with certainty in Our verses. (Surah Naml. Chapter 27. Verse 82)


AssalamuAlaikum Your brother Ibn Faruque

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Praise be to Allah!

I highly advise you not to believe straight away what others tell you about Islam because if you believe what others tell you straight away, it may be wrong or right. Hamdulilah you are asking what does this mean which is good as this is a very dangerous topic. The numbers 666 means the number of the beast. Apparently, this is mentioned in the Bible, they say that this is the number of the devil. It's a very complicated topic to understand and to learn more about this you need to read some of the verses in the bible that speaks about this which I advise you not to do as you should be reading the verses of the Qu'ran, salaam.

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