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My husband if ten years promised that when we started a family he would stop smoking weed but now refuses to. When I've asked how would he feel if ALlan forbids one of the kids started to smoke if he said he would tell them who was the better dealer. Over the years I have forgiven him a lot even when he stole my bank card and gambled away every penny we had for the sake of the kids but after this I don't feel I can stay with him I feel I need to get my kids away from him then I feel guilty because that's their dad what should I do because I know he will never change plse answer soon many thanks

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well i'm no muslim, so this is entirely secular advice. long story short, kick the bum to the curb. but if you can't for whatever reason, financial, cultural or otherwise. you shold know there is apparently a hadith that allows a wife to steal from her husband if he doesn't fullfill his islamic responsibilities, i.e to provide for the family. first thing, change your PIN on your bank card. if you don't already have, establish an independent account that he can't access.

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