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Salam.i wanted to know about this prayer qiyam al- layl night prayer I never heard about it before..what to pray and how to pray?

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I didn't receive the answer

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IN THE NAME OF GOD! salam.Dear brother . Night prayer from midnight until morning. Nearly Morning prayer is better . 4 Prayer is like the morning prayer , Just the night prayer intentions . 1 Prayer as morning prayer , Just the night prayer intentions . 1 pray one rak'ah of the Vatr prayer intentions , In this prayer after the sura Alfathh , Chapter 3 and Alakhlas , 1 Surah Al Naas , 1 Chapter Qnvt 70 Astghfrallh Rabbi Vatvbalyh. 7 Haaza Mqaamol AAez Beka Menanaar .300 Alaf.Then tell Rabbeqferly Valhmny Vatob Alaia Ennaka Anta Tavvaab Olrahim (اَستَغفرُالله ربی و اَتوبُ اِلَیه7.70هذا مَقامُ الْعائِذِ بکَ منَ النّار.300اَلْعَفو.1ربِّ اغْفِرلی و الْحَمنی و تُبْ عَلَیَّ اِنَّکَ انتَ التَّوّابُ الْغَفورُ الرَّحیم) for forty faithful pray and say: Allhm Aghfr Lflan, so instead of that name, believing it to say, for believers as well as believers in the world who have died.

Pray for the believers can be stated in two ways:

A - all believers to consider and so say Allhm Aghfr LL-Momani Valmomenat .( اَللهمَّ اغْفِرْ لِلْمُومِنین وَ الْمُؤمِنات)

B - Take the person's name or forty.

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Sorry but I didn't get the point what time should we pray?how to pray?sorry to disturb

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IN THE NAME OF GOD ! salam. Quality of evening prayer Eleven Rokat is the night prayer. Four to two Rokat (ie the morning prayer) in the night prayer intentions. A prayer intention prayer Shf two Rokat. A prayer intention prayer Vatr one Rokat...Evening prayer, night prayer may be recited at any time of night, but it's better to be close to the morning prayer. Is true, and Fajr prayer night from midnight to dawn is better than other times.....Evening prayers for worldly benefits God, Who is paying ? they are in my opinion , and I seem to have them , so if you let them walk instead of walking , you will love it and you 'll deviate from the way they will Qvbtd . It Sadiq said : My god ! What are the signs that are of interest to you ? Were addressed : their days are like a kind of shepherd and his sheep is careful look at the shadows and waiting for the night , and as the birds, their nests are set out in the evening with enthusiasm .they thoroughly lose hold soil and stand on their faces , and Quran verses to prayer and discussion with my stand up , and say thanks to my blessings . So when you see them cry , and sometimes they are crying , oh sometimes kill , and sometimes the sins and the sins of their glory , sometimes standing , sometimes sitting , sometimes while bowing, prostrating , and sometimes are, and what the I tolerate it because they see them , and the glory of the love that I hear on the lips . they 'll see a decrease in the rate of return are considered , the number-three of them , and I guess if anyone lead me towards him , no one can know what will be bestowed upon him . ( Secrets Altlvh , Haj Mirza Maleki Tabrizi , p 455 ).....Among Nvafl "Evening Prayer" has a special place great emphasis on the Quran and Hadith is about far more than other recommended prayers and because of this, parents had to worship God on the persistence and care middle of the night. As far as the night praying to God, to my beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the command was given:Supererogatory prayer at night as part of the deal and let rise at dawn.

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