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Assalam-u-alaikum. I have a problem that my sperm comes out in my sleep. What does it mean and what is the solution

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it means you are probably a teenager or in your early twenties. that you do not masturbate or fornicate (at least not often). it's called a nocturnal emission or the slang is a wet dream. it's perfectly normal and natural. sperm builds up and something has to happen. not sure if it's true but i've heard people say that sperm is high in protein and can be metabolized as enegry during exercise. so you can try to stop or limit it by being more physically active.

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Why would you want to go to a doctor and ask him about you having wet dreams? There is no point in "trying" to stop having wet dreams as it won't benefit you if you even try to stop it. Does having a wet dream bother you in any way? I can't understand why you would try to stop having wet dreams.

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