Why should we pray for people those who die?

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asalaam aleykum


if we know why we sent letter to our nearones here one might undrstand Why we should pray to those who died.


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Well we pray for God to forgive their sins. So that they may enter Paradise, you wouldn't want to wish ill on a dead person.

Unless, of course, the person committed suicide. Then we do not pray for them. For the one who commits suicide goes straight to hell.

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As they said, to ask Allah to forgive him and give him shafa3a as rasulallah said‏(ما من رجل يقوم على جنازته أربعون رجلا لا يشركون بالله شيئا إلا شفعهم الله فيه‏)‏‎ wa a'lah a'lam

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so if they have commited sins they may be forgiven or if they missed any salat it will be made up for because surley the debt due to allah is the most important that people must pay off

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