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Question...relating to another question I recently posted. If a husband has said he divorces his wife 3x in one sitting does it count as 1 or all 3? I was originally told that 3x is 3x as that is Allah's word...but then my husband (I the 2nd wife - but understanding I was the only one Islamically at the time) told me he was taking his previous wife back because his words only counted as divorcing her once. I believe he is living in sin with this wife that he left me and our child for. He has other children there, more than we have together and has told me they need him more because she cannot take care of them alone. Anyways, he had told her previeously he divorced her 2x but didn't say it the 3rd time because he didn't want it final, but a littlee over a year ago he again said it to her 3x in one sitting and said he was rid of her. He then went back to her because he said an Arabic Imam said this only counted as divorcing her 2x and the next time he said it then it would be final. Others I have spoke with say it is finaly already as he has said it 3x and actually 5x so the first time he said it the second time the marriage was over for good.

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Asalaam o alaikum, sister, your husband is divorced, 3x is final. He can not go back to her unless she marries another man and then divorces him, or rather he divorces her, and only then can she re-marry your husband. So yes, they are living in sin. Not all Imams know or advise rightly. I think your husband knows the truth of the matter, and even so ,if he did not want to retain this women in the iddat period, of 3 months after the divorce given 2x he would of had to marry her again. As it is, the marriage is null and void after saying it a second time, 3x. InshaAllah this is clear for you.

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Thank you for your advice. I clearly understand you, and it matches the rest of the research I have found. I am a newer Muslim convert and wanted to make sure I understood things correctly. I had done much research on the issue because he still remains married to me and has never said he divorced me, but has left me and our child in another state to be with her again because she does not want him around me. Either way, I just wanted to confirm that the things I had been finding were correct because he's told me numerous times (as she has when she confronted me about being with her husband) that they were in fact still married because the 5x he said it only counted as 2x because it was on two occasions which each counted as one. I only keep praying and asking Allah for light in my situation and to make him realize the sin he is living in as I have tried to do this...but he doesn't see it that way and even now will not talk to me in over a week. In the end, I try to be a good wife, and know that Allah sees all and knows all and He knows the sin they are living in together as they are no longer married. Thank you again for the advice

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