A mother wouldn't let her two daughters (late 20s) marry a religious man of their choosing because when they asked there was arguments in their family so she said this was a bad omen. She said they were destroying the family. They now have no hopes or dreams & have decided their lives will continue they way it is & are depressed and no longer happy. Now the son is 28 & has been thinking of marriage for a while and after months of though asked his mother. His mother said since he has asked there have been worse arguments (the parents themselves argue and so do the aunts & uncles) and more family problems and his little sister (16) was taken to hospital (blood pressure & cholesterol - she has been fed lots of oily foods since a child, sees family fighting all the time and doesn't play with friends or go out the house as she is scared). The mother said the son has caused the health problems on his little sister he loves and he is causing destruction to the family & is the reason for his sisters unhappiness. He has now decided not to marry and feels he will sacrifice his life & happiness because he respects his parents and they have told him to do this & said if anything worse happens it will be his fault. The parents say they follow religion but are extremely supersticious and believe in omens & signs & believes her (mothers) dreams tell her the future.

What can the children DO and SAY to their parents? How can they follow religion when parents innovate?

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