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I believe in Islam and in Allah, I am always seeking to relate my life to religion, because I want God to be satisfied with me and this is what matters to me the most. I have a sister who doesn't believe in God and she never prays. She took her hijab off, and started to always talk in a bad way about God, muhammad and Islam. I never listen to her, because she is a bad person. The problem I want an answer for is that she is such an evil person, she is always saying really bad words to me. She hates me, she is always trying to destroy me. Today she was having a fight with my mother and she said that she wishes if she could see me in an awful condition from her heart and she would be completely happy and satisfied if that happened. As if I am not her sister, she is always envious of anything good that happens to me. She has been always full of hating and evilness. I don't care about her. Because God is the only one who I care about, I am 18 years old and I have seen such bad and truely evil people in my life that I gave up on everyone except God of course. It is just that I don't know how to do this anymore, I am so emotionally tired and you don't know what it is like when someone wishes you the most awful things happen to you and wishes you to be miserable. What am I supposed to do ? What is the right thing I should do in Islam in my situation?
Could someone please help me ? Thank you!

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They are your family. Do good for them and learn to turn away for your well-being. Read Al Quran 3:118-120. I think it will help you. And keep good company with other muslims. As Salamu Alaykum. Fee Sabil Allah.

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IN THE NAME OF GOD ! salam.My Dear Friend. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Three things that everyone does, not from me and not from God. W: O Messenger of Allah! What are they? He said: tolerance, by which act to repel the ignorance of foolish manner, good ethics, and virtue with which the population lives, he sins from Almighty Allah has opened the blanket....and;Prophet Muhammad PBUH Because God created the belief, faith and said: Oh! My battalion strength, and hath strengthened them with good manners and forgiving. Created because of infidelity, disbelief, saying: O God! My battalion capable, and empowered by God to build envy and immorality....and:Imam Ali: It is such a superior morality. Relationship with someone you truly cut ties. Forgive the person who denied you. Pardon the person who wronged you.

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You know a woman used to throw trash on Prophet (pbuh) when he used to pass a certain street? She got ill and he went to accompany her? We get ridiculed and the non-believers they expect us to be violent but turn the tables over as you're not violent.

But as a practical advice you might consider this: marry a Muslim man as you will move with him and be away from that atrocious atmosphere. Its normal for woman in Islam to get married at that age(depends on cultures of course and what your perception is). That's my sincere advice, otherwise if it deems that you need their shelter then you must bear it for the time being.

May Allah be with you.

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