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Assalam alikum dear friends! Im a girl who is deeply depressed, i pray everyday and i ask for help and calmness from almighty Allah.I got a suggestion from a friend that i should start some kind of treatment and talk with a psychologist .I talked wit a women today and it felt good to talk freely about anything you want. Is this a sin in islam to talk with a psychologist and ask for advice?

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Hello sister! I don't think its haram at all to get help from someone. I want to be a psychologist myself and I think whatever helps you be happy and healthy shouldn't be haram. I hope I help you myself.

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Thank you for your question.

No, it isnt haram. InshaAllah going to a Psychologist can be an ibadah itself if you go there to treat your depression and thus leading a life pleasing to your Rabb Allah.

Remember that it is Allah alone who can cure you from the problems you face, and no one else, so ask him and make dua to Him. If Allah wills, He will make the Psychologist as a means of benefiting and curing you.

I have sent you a private message with a book which I hope will benefit you. I did not paste the link here as the book might be copyright.. Please read this book.

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Thank you so much my dears, allah may help you as you want to help me. My dear brother Ibn faruque i dont know where in this site can i receive your message?

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Go on the community site (look on the top right corner and you'll see it) and after your on the site, you should be able to see your private messages at the top left part of the page, salaam.

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O Sorry, I didnt send the link. Ive send it now inshaAllah.

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