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Hello, I just listened to the English version of The Holy Qur'an. I am lower than average in religion, I do not know very much about religion because I was born without a family or people around me. I grew up poor, but I live in a good home now. But I have a question, however I can only best explain it through a story.

It goes like this, what if a person was born without a home and without society. What if he knows no Language, or Religion or who he is or what he is. What if this person lived on an island isolated from all of mankind and he didn't know anything but what only an Animal knows. To Eat, Drink, Poop, Pee, Sleep... and Reproduce if possible. You could say, this man is an Animal. He knows nothing, or perhaps he knows all he needs to know. He has been given a gift, the gift of truth. To Eat, Drink, Poop, Pee, Sleep... and Reproduce if possible.

So if you understand what I previously mentioned, does this man even know Religion exists? Or did this Man put this into his mindful nature himself? What do you think?

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Thank you for your question. I am very happy to hear that you have just listened to the English translation of the Quran. What a great blessing the Quran is that Allah has gifted us with. May Allah bless you to listen to more of the English translation and put the love of the Quran in your heart.

You will find the answer to your question and similar questions inshaAllah in the Book 'The True Religion of God'. The Book (pdf version) is very short, and heavy in knowledge. Its only 7 pages, but it conveys a wealth of information. After reading the book, if you have any question, please let us know.

You can download the book here (Try first link)

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Note:1. The translation of the Quran is not the Quran.

  1. The particular story of Ibrahim (alaihis salam) as interpreted by the Scholar who wrote the book has been interpreted differently by other scholars.
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