assalamoualikoum brothers and sisters, I am a muslim and firmly believe in Allah. There is no doubt that i committed sins in my life and every l keep on repenting my sins. Almost two months back i loose my job and up to now i am still searching for one. I had a good job before and look after my wife, two sons, one born three weeks back and my parents. Alhamdoulillah i am still getting my food from Allah and makes things easy for me like my new born baby who came in time and in good health. However, still waiting for a job which will enable me to settle my debts and to look after my family. My hope is with Allah as He is the Provider of everything. Days and nights i keep on supplicating Allah to help me so that i can continue living as soon my resources will be over. My elder son who is 3 years old never ask me where is the car as he used to ask me before about the car and never ask me why i am not going to work as if he already felt the situation. Did anyone go through this situation and what is the situation now.

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