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Is there any prize for a muslim scientist in akhira? Are both an Islamic alem and a muslim scientist equally honorable to Allah? Can you tell me a dua that can make one creative?

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IN THE NAME OF GOD! salam ,I'll mention a few hadith. And values ​​to become a scientist.. Messenger of Allah (Muhammad PBUH & HP) said: Whenever a believer dies and a scientific paper on which is written the eloquent puts Armageddon tab curtains on fire is between her and God Elevated and excellence for every word written on it, the city seven times world Phnavrtr gives him.(ML Alsdvq: 40/3)..Prophet Muhammad PBUH & HP: learn knowledge, even in China, the seeking of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim. Labour Cairns: 28697, 28698 Selected Alhkmh rate: 398....Imam Ali: Seeking Knowledge death overtakes everyone in between him and the Prophets is only a difference of degree. Bayan Forum: 9/380 elected Alhkmh degree: 398...dua:The Quran says:3-Such as remember Allah, standing, sitting, and reclining, and consider the creation of the heavens and the earth, (and say): Our Lord! Thou createdst not this in vain. Glory be to Thee! Preserve us from the doom of Fire. ( 191 ) Our Lord! Whom Thou causest to enter the Fire: him indeed Thou hast confounded. For evil-doers there will be no helpers. ( 192 ) Our Lord! Lo! we have heard a crier calling unto Faith: "Believe ye in your Lord!" So we believed. Our Lord! Therefor forgive us our sins, and remit from us our evil deeds, and make us die the death of the righteous. ( 193 ) Our Lord! And give us that which Thou hast promised to us by Thy messengers. Confound us not upon the Day of Resurrection. Lo! Thou breakest not the tryst. ( 194)....The Quran says:20-Then exalted be Allah, the True King! And hasten not (O Muhammad) with the Qur'an ere its revelation hath been perfected unto thee, and say: My Lord! Increase me in knowledge. ( 114 ) رَبِّ زِدْنِي عِلْمًا

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