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Salam. I have a question whether Allah punishes all those who are not Muslims. In cases where the subject is born into a family following another religion, who has chosen to believe his ancestors and has done good deeds throughout his life outweighing his sins, will Allah punish him?

I am a Muslim (not very orthodox) and I am proud to be born into a Muslim family. I hope I will learn a lot through this site. Thank you, may peace be upon you.

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@kteerShorta, I seek refuge with Allah azza wal jall from what you are suggesting. With that said lets proceed, inshallah, it is true that the word makr at it root means deception or deciever amongst similar words, what you are negating is the fact that the attributes of Allah are beautiful and perfect one cannot attribute imperfection to Allah azza wal jall. Now, in the quran this word is used in a negative content towards the disbelievers who are plotting to decieve Allah and His messenger saws. The quran is the words of Allah and when Allah used this word it was against those that were kufar from the root word kuf which means to conceal or cover up and what they were concealing or covering up was the Haqq of Allah. So when Allah azza wal jall used this word against them it is not imperfection for Allah is Al Hakim, Al Alim, the wise , the all knowing, and the best to plott and decieve those who plot to decieve Him, for there is no ayah in the quran that says Allah plot or decieves the believers for that would be imperfection which Allah can never be. This word is directed only to hypocrites, polytheist, and those who reject the ayats of Allah and attempts to put out the light of islam. This the haqq, I pray Allah azza wal jall forgives you and guides you to the ultimate truth. Salaam

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@Kteershorta I left this answer for you for now I see clearly your intent al hamdulilah. You are a christian and you are here to causre mischief, now if you like to debate speak plainly and I will answer you plainly from Qur'an and authenticated sunnah, inshallah.

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Well Yaqin not quite right, Im not here to cause mischief or any bad believe me now or not.. And if I understand you right I am here to show: "Al Hamdulilah". But I am here to show you whats right?

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You say you are here to show what's right but what you presented was wrong and vulgar. And you did not have anythibg to say to refute the haqq I presented. Your kind is nothing new to this site and tou should know I will not allow you to mislead anyone here inshallh.

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وعليكم السلام و رحمة الله وبركاته

If the message of truth (Islam) came to a person and they rejected it (or chose to remain ignorant when they could've learned) - then yes. They will be punished by Allah سبحانه و تعالى. As the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said that those (Christians, etc) who hear of him and reject him will take a seat in Hellfire. But if they never heard of Islam, then Allah سبحانه و تعالى is most fair.. He will test them in the afterlife, according to ahadith.

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